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— Early Music Concert Series —

Season 2020
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Su 25.10.2020 15:30
On-line concert, Stupava, Slovakia
Misterios del Amor
A musical legacy of Sephardic Jews with songs each addressing the theme of love in different ways. In addition to deeply emotional Sephardic songs, you will hear music of a similar charge and inspiration from the Medi­terranean and the Iberian cultural area. — Anonymus, Leopold I, G. Sanz.
Part of the series Music in the Synagogue.
Eliška Tesařová — singing, percussion
Marta Kratochvílová — traverso, percussion
Jan Čižmář — lute, guitar, theorbo, singing
Marian Friedl — double bass, singing

4.00 € | 2.25 €
Th 29.10.2020 20:00
On-line concert, Institute of Archaeology, Mikulčice
2 × Change!
YouTube videoMusical archaeology: Codex Jacobides
Music from an important Prague manuscript from the reign of Rudolf II. — S. L. Jacobides, J. Regnart, M. Praetorius, J. Planson, J. Dowland, Anonymus.
Bettina Pahn (DE) — singing
Marta Kratochvílová (CZ) — traverso
Joachim Held (DE) — lute
Jan Čižmář (CZ) — lute

90 Kč | 50 Kč
Fr 06.11.2020
On-line concert, Brno
Most faithful Companion of Joyous and Mournful Humour
The lute in the music of Rajhrad monastery in the 18th century. — W. L. von Radolt, F. I. Hinterleithner, Anonymus.
Jan Čižmář (CZ) — lute
Marta Kratochvílová (CZ) — traverso
Piotr Wacławik (PL/CZ) — pardessus de viole, viola da gamba
Michal Raitmajer (CZ) — viola da gamba

90 Kč | 50 Kč
Mo 30.11.2020
Institute of Archaeology, Mikulčice 736, 696 19 Mikulčice-Trapíkov (Wheelchair accessible)
Musical archaeology: Adam Michna: Loutna Česká (1653)
The authentic versions of Michna’s famous songs with a newly discovered violin part.
Part of the series Mikulčice Impressions.
CD review: Brian Clark, Early Music Review.
Gabriela Eibenová — singing
Daniela Čermáková — singing
Ensemble Inégal (CZ)
Adam Viktora — organ, artistic leader

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