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— Early Music Concert Series —

Concerts, pedagogical events and masterclasses
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Sa 29.04.2017 17:00
Institute of Archaeology, Mikulčice 736, 696 19 Mikulčice-Trapíkov  (Wheelchair accessible)
Musical archaeology 4: Spring improvisation
An interconnection of music, dance, archaeology and modern architecture, inspired by the spring and the atmosphere of a new start. Presentation of the new guidebook Hradiště v Mikulčicích a Velká Morava (Stongholds in Mikulčice and Greater Moravia).
Plaisirs de Musique (CZ):
Lenka Horalová — dance
Marta Kratochvílová — traverso
Jan Čižmář (CZ) — lute
Lumír Poláček (CZ) — introduction
100 Kč
70 Kč
Sa 20.05.2016 10:00–12:00
& 13:00–15:00
MusAcad, Kociánka 25b, 612 00 Brno-Sadová
Ensemble Workshop for Renaissance and Baroque music
For music students as well as enthusiastic non-professionals. — Reservation required (by e-mail or telephone +420 606 222 416).
The event forms a part of the Week of Arts Education and Amateur Creative Work (TUVAT).
Marta Kratochvílová — coach Free
Events in Germany: Th 01.06.2017 10:00 — Masterclass, Bremen
Fr 02.06.2017 20:00 — Concert Melante, Bremen
Sa 03.06.2017 19:00 — Concert Melante, Kating (DE)
Su 18.06.2017 19:00
Sacred Heart Church, náměstí Republiky, Brno
Orlando de Lassus: Lagrime di San Pietro
The grief of Saint Peter after his denial of Christ, expressed through 20 madrigali spirituali and a closing motet. The collection, dedicated to Pope Clement VIII, was written a few weeks before Lassus’ death.
Hussowitzer Gesang- und Verschönerungs­verein and guests
Castello in Aria — instrumental ensemble
Martin Jakubíček — organ
Patrik Matyášek — artistic leader
Su 25.06.2017
Old Townhall (courtyard), Radnická 8, Brno  (Wheelchair accessible)
Staged performance of the opera Arminio
Johann Adolph Hasse — music
Giovanni Claudio Pasquini — libretto
Chamber arrangement of the version Warsaw, Operalnia 1761.
In cooperation with Art in Motion (PL).
Armin Gramer (AT), Laila Cathleen Neuman (NL) — singing
{oh!} Orkiestra Historyczna (PL)
Marek Mokoš (SK) — staging
Martyna Pastuszka (PL) — artistic direction
250 Kč
150 Kč
90 Kč
Tu 15.08.2017 12:30Sa 19.08.2016 09:00
Bučovice château, Zámek 1, 685 01 Bučovice
Musical summer with Michna and his contemporaries
Music gathering for advanced amateurs and young professionals focussed on producing a public concert. Accommodation in different levels of price and comfort. Prices include course fee, lunch and dinner.
The event forms a part of the Week of Arts Education and Amateur Creative Work (TUVAT).
Gabriela Eibenová (CZ) — singing
Martyna Pastuszka (PL) — violin
Marta Kratochvílová (CZ) — traverso
Petr Wagner (CZ) — viola da gamba
Jan Čižmář (CZ) — lute
Barbara Maria Willi (DE/CZ) — harpsichord
6720 Kč
(cca. 255 €)
double room

5640 Kč
(cca. 215 €)
sleeping bag

Tu 22.08.2017 15:00Su 27.08.2016 17:00
Kunín château, Kunín 1, 742 53 Kunín
Summer course on the interpretation of Early Music
Inspiring lessons in the historic venue of the baroque château in Kunín.

We are accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education within its DVPP-system for Further Education of Teachers; the approval for this course is pending.
Markéta Cukrová (CZ) — singing
Davide Monti (IT/FR) — improvisation, violin
Bolette Roed (DK) — recorder
Petr Wagner (CZ) — viola da gamba
Cristián Gutiérrez (CL) — lute, baroque guitar
Aline Zylberajch (FR) — harpsichord, organ
Sa 02.09.2017 20:00–21:30
Colonnade, Floral Garden (Libosad), ulice Generála Svobody, 767 01 Kroměříž
Festa di Sua Maesta Caesarea Leopoldo
Creative scenic project commemorating the 350th anniversary of the spectacular wedding of Emperor Leopold I to the Spanish Infanta Margaret. — Leopold I., J. H. Schmelzer, M. A. Cesti.

Part of the Hortus Magicus festival.
Plaisirs de Musique (CZ)
Jan Čižmář — artistic leader, concept
Marek Mokoš (SK) — staging
František Dofek — choreography
Jan Hlavsa — video mapping

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