Musical Delicacies

— Early Music Concert Series —

Masterclass: Art of the Song

Evelyn Tubb (UK/CH) & Michael Fields (USA/UK)

This is the invitation for the masterclass. More information on the participants’ page.

This is the second year that Hudební lahůdky (Musical Delicacies) offers a unique musical and educational event with two internationally renowned teachers: Evelyn Tubb, British singer and specialist in Early Music, and the American lutenist Fields will share their experience with the participants, professionals and students. Literally speaking all participants in last year’s masterclass were excited about Evelyn’s teaching style; for many it was a new discovery.


Photo: Evelyn Tubb & Michael Fields

Evelyn Tubb

Evelyn Tubb has had a long love affair with music, whose several strands weave together to make a most stimulating life, with new horizons always beckoning. Performing is her first love, and manifests in various forms. Evelyn has devoted many years to vocal ensemble work, with the Consort of Musicke particularly, performing all over the world and leaving a legacy of many fine recordings. Her solo career has taken a unique path, working closely with Michael Fields, Anthony Rooley and other excellent accompanists to create recitals which are always exploratory, finding unknown masterpieces, presenting them with a real sense of theatre and a rich diversity of vocal colour. Evelyn has a passion for music-drama in its many forms, and has performed works ranging from Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum, through baroque opera, to pieces by Peter Maxwell-Davies and David Bedford.

All this extended experience in performance is brought to bear in her teaching. She is Vocal Professor at the internationally acclaimed specialist early music establishment, the ‘Schola Cantorum’, in Basel, Switzerland, and also travels to many parts of the world to give workshops and teach on summer courses; in recent years she has taught in Holland, Florida, Germany, Finland, Latvia, England and Japan.

Michael Fields

Michael Fields (lute, guitar) was born in Hawaii, where the song of the surf and the rhythm of ukuleles made a lasting impression on him. He began his musical journey playing folk, rock and jazz in California and Australia, until a romantic interest in older music brought him to England in 1974 to study classical guitar and lute. His career as a performer, conductor, and teacher has since taken him back around the world several times. Michael is the Musical Director of Sastamala Gregoriana Early Music Festival in Finland, regarded as the leading early music festival in that country. His video of the Vivaldi Lute Concerto is a big favourite on YouTube!

Since meeting as students, Michael has enjoyed a fruitful partnership exploring music from folk-song to their own compositions with soprano Evelyn Tubb. Their communication with each other, the music and the audience has found followers from Japan and Australia to Europe, with critics praising “the absolute affinity between voice and instrument” achieved by the duo. They have performed, recorded and taught courses together throughout the world.

About the masterclass

The masterclass “Art of the Song” aims to develop the interpretive skills, a healthy vocal technique and the personality of the artist. Evelyn Tubb will also address the details of communication amongst the performers, the stage appearance, and the theatrical aspects of music performances. Michael Fields will work with a parallel ensemble class whose results will be presented at the participants’ concert.


The official language of the masterclass is English; people are available to help with translations.


The masterclass is primarily focused on music of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. Participants can bring any repertoire they feel comfortable with, “from the Middle Ages to Beatles”. We recommend that the singers learn their repertoire by heart. Accompanists are available.


Masterclass [1] and
participants’ concert
Teachers’ concert
Like as the Lute delights
Brno Conservatory’s concert hall,
třída Kapitána Jaroše 45,
CZ–60200 Brno
Museum of Applied Arts,
Husova 14,
CZ–60200 Brno Wheelchair accessible

[1] The venue of the masterclass on Tuesday 26. November may change.


The indicated times are tentative; the schedule will be published after the closing date for applications.

22 Nov
23 Nov
24 Nov
25 Nov
26 Nov








We recommend visiting the teachers’ concert with the programme “Like as the Lute delights” where they present their very own repertoire of English lute songs: John Danyel, John Dowland, Giovanni Coperario, Thomas Campion and others.

How to apply

E-mail your application together with your curriculum vitae and the planned repertoire to We will inform you about whether we can accept the application, and ask for the participation fee. After payment your participation is confirmed and guaranteed.

The number of active participants is limited. Applications should be sent as soon as possible, preferably before 8 November 2013. Applications may still be accepted after this date, but the participants will not be able to select the time for their lessons.

Participation fee

Active parti­ci­pation Passive parti­ci­pation Time period
for singers for instru­men­ta­lists
1500 Kč 800 Kč 500 Kč all four days
    250 Kč one whole day
150 Kč one morning or afternoon block of lessons

Already functioning ensembles are also welcome; the price will be determined individually.

Active participation for singers includes:

Active participation for lute players or other instrumentalists includes:

Photo from masterclass at JAMU, 27.11.2012:
 Evelyn Tubb (right),
 Pavla Čichoňová (left),
 Barbara Maria Willi (seated).

Active participants will receive a certificate of attendance issued by Hudební lahůdky, o. s. and signed by both lecturers. On request we can issue a receipt, invoice or other confirmation for the fiscal authorities, employer or other purposes.


For a limited number of persons we can offer a discount on the participation fee. To apply for the discount, please send a motivation letter, an artistic C.V. and a short recording to


For a limited number of participants we can offer accommodation at special conditions (from 300 Kč/night including breakfast) at Hotel Amphone, located in the immediate vicinity of the masterclass. If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.


Please forward this information to those who might be interested. We look forward to seeing you!


Here some comments from the participants in last year’s masterclass.

In retrospect I can say that the courses make sense, especially when one takes part in the whole course, also passively. And it is probably necessary to emphasize this to all potential participants. If someone came only to his own lesson, he would miss a lot. I realized many things just by listening to the other participants. This is also related to the price. I must admit that some of my friends were discouraged by the price. 1500 Kč for a 45-minute lesson seemed a lot, but when I realized that the price includes not just the lesson, but also the entire course attendance and even the concert, then it is perfectly adequate!

Not only Evelyn’s approach to the masterclass, but also the concert convinced all of us how important performance and interpretation skills are. I feel that it is often forgotten that the singer mainly must be understood and must tell something. She convinced us especially when working with opera singers, whom she showed how to sing early music also with a big voice, and that it works.

Zuzana Veverková

I met great personalities of the music world, who are among the most competent to share their professional experience. The theoretical and incredibly practical knowledge of the interpretation of the compositions that came up during the course, also enriching the knowledge of (above all) the singers, both technically and personally, were undeniable evidence of the quality of the lessons. Although the courses were primarily focused on early music, visitors inclined towards different musical styles were also satisfied. Already the very opinion and attitude of Evelyn and Michael to the music was bound to inspire every active artist.

An added value that we greatly appreciate was the humbleness and respect not only towards music making, but also towards each course participant, which is not common with stars of the magnitude of Evelyn Tubb and Michael Fields. Great appreciation also to the organizers, thanks to whom everything proceeded in a completely relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Roman Hoza

My expectation was filled to the brim. On one hand I was pleasantly surprised by the level of the singers who had signed up for the course, but what really made me enthusiastic was the way Evelyn works. Having the opportunity to observe such a whirlwind of positive energy, novel and surprising pedagogical practices, along with great expertise, supported by years of experience, is a truly exceptional experience that comes along very rarely. The biggest surprise for me was when I came back to the children that I teach and found that even my way of teaching has changed for the better!

Milan Duspiva

It was certainly brilliant that Evelyn Tubb’s and Michael Fields’ concert was directly connected to the course and on the same days, because this extracted the most of their visit and “mission”. It was very useful for me, after finishing the lessons also to see and especially hear what it eventually might look like. Also good was that Michael Fields involved himself in the lessons with his ideas and opinions; this way the work was more dynamic. It is needless to elaborate how inspiring and energetic personalities both are, Evelyn always perfectly capturing what each particular singer or song needs.

Aneta Bendová

Although I participated passively, it was enlightening for me. It gave me the courage to enroll as an active participant next time and experience the contact with Evelyn from first hand. She was very charismatic and the work with her will surely be very intense. I look forward to next year.

Anežka Mišoňová

Hudební lahůdky, o.s.,, IČ: 22719458, tel: +420 606 222 416 (Jan Čižmář)

The masterclass and concert are supported financially by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Statutory City of Brno, and the British Council.
We thank Hotel Amphone for its hospitality.

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