Musical Delicacies

— Early Music Concert Series —

Ayres & Arie

Cross-fertilisation between English and Italian 17th century music.

Friday 21 November 2014 19:30 — Dům pánů z Kunštátu, Dominikánská 9, CZ–60200 Brno.

The concert is under patronage by the Mayor of the Statutory City Brno.


AnonymYou that have that dainty ear   (Oxford, Christchurch, ms. 439 c. 1620)
Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 – 1588)I saw my Lady weeping   (Musica Transalpina, 1588, No. 23; arr. Anthony Rooley & Michael Fields)
Thomas Morley (1557/58 – 1602)I saw my Lady weeping   (The First Booke of Ayres or little short songs, 1600, No. 5)
John Dowland (1563 – 1626)I saw my Lady weep   (The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres, 1600, No. 1)
Guilio Caccini (1551 – 1618)
    └─ Robert Dowland (cca. 1591 – 1641)
Amarilli mia bella   (Le Nuove Musiche, 1602)
    └─ Amarilli   (A Musical Banquet, 1610)
Giovanni (Johann) Nauwach (1595 – 1630)Amarilli mia bella   (Libro primo di arie passeggiate, Dresden 1623)
Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543 – 1588)Pavin   (Varietie of Lute-lessons, 1610)
Sigismondo d’India (cca. 1582 – 1629)
     (text: Giovanni Battista Guarini, 1538 – 1612)
Cruda Amarilli   (Il primo libro di Musiche da cantar solo, 1609)
William Lawes (1602 – 1645)Love’s Dying Passion   (Playford: Treasury of Musick, 1669)
Nicholas Lanier (1588 – 1666)
     (text: Torquato Tasso, 1544 – 1595)
Qual musico gentil  
     (Gerusalemme liberata, Canto XVI)
Nicholas Lanier (1588 – 1666)Hero’s complaint to Leander   (In Recitative Musick)
Nicholas Lanier (1588 – 1666)No more shall meads be deck’d with flowers
Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583 – 1643)Aria di Passacaglia: Cosi mi disprezzate   (Primo libro d’arie musicali, 1630)
William Lawes (1602 – 1645)Perfect and endless, circles are   (Lady Ann Blount’s Songbook, Lambeth Palace Library, ms. 1041)
Henry Lawes (1596 – 1662)Slide soft, you silver floods
Henry Lawes (1596 – 1662)Tavola: In quell gelato core
Thomas Mace (cca. 1612 – cca. 1706)The 3d. Sett of Lessons in A-re-Key   (Musicke’s Monument, 1676)
Prelude — Allmaine — Coranto — Galliard “the Penitent” — Hab-Nab — [Saraband] — Tattle de Moy
AnonymSweet, stay a while; why do you rise?
Charles Coleman (1605 – 1664)Venus lamenting her lost Adonis   (Playford, Treasury of Musick, 1669)
Girolamo Kapsberger (1580 – 1651)Passacaglia   (Libro quarto d’Intabolatura di Chitarone, 1640)
Barbara Strozzi (1619 – 1677)
     (text: Pietro Dolfino)
Lamento: Lagrime mie   (Diporti di Euterpe, overo Cantate & Ariette a Voce Sola, op. 7, 1659, p. 76)

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About the programme

This programme is a collection of similar and contrasting songs from England and Italy around 1600. There are pieces by Italians who lived and worked in England, and by Englishmen who visited Italy, and some who occasionally set Italian texts. Above all, there is the English assimilation of the essence of the Italian style: Vocal acrobatics combined with dramatic, expressive setting of poetic texts reflecting love and loss.

Evelyn Tubb

Evelyn Tubb has had a long love affair with music, whose several strands weave together to make a most stimulating life, with new horizons always beckoning. Performing is her first love, and manifests in various forms. Evelyn has devoted many years to vocal ensemble work, with the Consort of Musicke particularly, performing all over the world and leaving a legacy of many fine recordings. Her solo career has taken a unique path, working closely with Michael Fields, Anthony Rooley and other excellent accompanists to create recitals which are always exploratory, finding unknown masterpieces, presenting them with a real sense of theatre and a rich diversity of vocal colour. Evelyn has a passion for music-drama in its many forms, and has performed works ranging from Hildegard of Bingen’s Ordo Virtutum, through baroque opera, to pieces by Peter Maxwell-Davies and David Bedford.

All this extended experience in performance is brought to bear in her teaching. She is Vocal Professor at the internationally acclaimed specialist early music establishment, the ‘Schola Cantorum’, in Basel, Switzerland, and also travels to many parts of the world to give workshops and teach on summer courses; in recent years she has taught in Holland, Florida, Germany, Finland, Latvia, England and Japan.

Michael Fields

Michael Fields (lute, guitar) was born in Hawaii, where the song of the surf and the rhythm of ukuleles made a lasting impression on him. He began his musical journey playing folk, rock and jazz in California and Australia, until a romantic interest in older music brought him to England in 1974 to study classical guitar and lute. His career as a performer, conductor, and teacher has since taken him back around the world several times. Michael is the Musical Director of Sastamala Gregoriana Early Music Festival in Finland, regarded as the leading early music festival in that country. His video of the Vivaldi Lute Concerto is a big favourite on YouTube!

Since meeting as students, Michael has enjoyed a fruitful partnership exploring music from folk-song to their own compositions with soprano Evelyn Tubb. Their communication with each other, the music and the audience has found followers from Japan and Australia to Europe, with critics praising “the absolute affinity between voice and instrument” achieved by the duo. They have performed, recorded and taught courses together throughout the world.


Thank you

The concert takes place with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Statutory City of Brno.

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