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Workshop „Recitar Cantando“

Gesungenes Erzählen — Workshop für professionelle und halbprofessionelle Sänger/innen mit Interesse für die italienische Musik des 16. und frühen 17. Jahrhunderts.

Sonntag 14.06.2015, 10:00–13:00 & 14:30–17:30 — Schloss Austerlitz (Schlosskapelle), Palackého náměstí 1, 68401 Slavkov u Brna, Tschechische Republik.

Der Workshop findet im Rahmen des Concentus Moraviae-Festivals statt, Projekt „Festa Teatrale auf Schloss Austerlitz“:

Festa Teatrale auf Schloss Austerlitz   (Auszug)
Sa 13.06.2015 21:00
Historischer Saal
Collegium Marianum und andere
Forlana / venezianische Feier à la française
300 Kč
200 Kč
Sa 13.06.2015 22:15
Theatrum Pyroboli
Feuerbilder: Vivat Concentus Moraviae
Sa 13.06.2015 23:00
Marco Beasley
200 Kč
100 Kč
So 14.06.2015 08:30
Guido Morini, Orgel
Heilige Messe
So 14.06.2015 10:00
Marco Beasley
Workshop „Recitar Cantando“
1500 Kč


Anmeldung ist nur für aktive Teilnehmer/innen erforderlich. Zuhörer sind willkommen.

Bei vorhandenem Interesse können wir Unterkunft zu günstigen Konditionen in Austerlitz (Slavkov u Brna) vermitteln.


# Name Repertoire
1 Jan Faltýnek & Lada Bočková (Brno) Francesca Caccini à 2 / Kapsberger à 2; Carissimi Lucifer
2 Vladimír Maňas (Brno) Sances Stabat Mater, vielleicht Cavalieri Il tempo
3 Barbora Šancová (Brno) Monteverdi Poppea (Disprezzata regina, vielleicht Addio Roma)
4 Ewa Leszczyńska (Warszawa) Monteverdi Combattimento
5 Michaela Syrová (Praha) Strozzi Udite Amanti / L’Eraclito Amaroso
6 Ludmila Čermáková & Petra Pospíšilová (Praha) Sances Stabat Mater, vielleicht Rigatti Florete flores

Vorgeschlagenes Repertoire

Francisco BossinensisTenori e contrabassi intabulati   (Venezia 1509 & 1511)
Emilio de’ Cavalieri (cca. 1550 – 1602)Rappresentazione di Anima et di Corpo   (Roma 1600)
Giulio Caccini (1551 – 1618)Nuove Musiche libro I & II   (Firenze 1601 & 1614)
Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643)Orfeo, favola in musica   (Venezia 1607)
Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643)Vespro della Beata Vergine   (Venezia 1610)
Alessandro Grandi (1586 – 1630)Mottetti Libro II   (Venezia 1625)
Giovanni Felice Sances (cca. 1600 – 1679)Cantada a voce sola sul Passacaglie   (Libro II, Venezia 1633)
Giovanni Felice Sances (cca. 1600 – 1679)Stabat Mater dolorosa   (Mottetti, Venezia 1638)
Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643)Il Combattimento   (Libro VIII Madrigali guerrieri, Venezia 1638)

Marco Beasley

Marco Beasley was born in 1957 in Naples. His passion for singing led him to move to Bologna, where he attended the courses in the performing arts at the University, concentrating especially on the vocal music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. The rediscovery of the very rich popular tradition of Southern Italy, dating back to those very years (the early 1980s), fired him with enthusiasm and contributed to the development of his very special artistic personality. At the same time, he carried on his studies in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century musical literature, with particular focus on two stylistic pillars of that period: “recitar cantando„ and sacred and secular polyphony.

In this context, his English heritage has further enriched his vocal talent, already full of character and passion, giving him great self-control, a deep sensitivity to sound and a wide range of highly refined timbres that enables him to explore a broad palette of colours in every register.

But was the meeting with Cathy Berberian that acted as a catalyst; Marco Beasley found himself with a store of eclectic musical experiences which have shaped his unique, though hard to define, artistic personality. It is difficult to say what prevails in his performances: the magic of his voice, his ability to communicate or his extraordinary stage presence. Together with Guido Morini, in 1984 he founded Accordone, the group that has enabled him to develop his artistic personality to the full and which has become the centre of his activity. Thirthy years later, in 2014, after so many musical experience, he decided to start an even more personal and autonomous journey, one no longer linked to the group. In 2009, Marco Beasley was one of the five nominated as “best performers of the year” from the Dutch VSCD Classic Music Price.

In 2013, he recorded his first solo “a cappella” CD called Il Racconto di Mezzanotte.

Stefano Rocco

Stefano Rocco studied Renaissance Lute at the Verona Music Conservatory and obtained a degree in “Discipline della Musica” (Musicology) at the Bologna University. For many years he has attended, with various ensembles (Accordone, Barocchisti di Lugano, Trio with Marco Beasley and Fabio Accurso, Oberon, Orchestra Barocca di Bologna, Accademia degli Astrusi and many others), the main ancient music festivals, as well as discographical and broadcast recordings: ARTE, BBC, Radio della Svizzera Italiana, ORF (Österreicher Rundfunk), Deutschlandfunk, Radio Belga, ESPACE 2 (Suisse Romande), RAI, Sky Classica, Alpha, Sony Classica, OPUS 111, ARCANA, EMI/Virgin, Cypres, Tactus, Bongiovanni.

Thank you

Der Workshop findet mit finanzieller Unterstützung des tschechischen Kultusministeriums und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Concentus Moraviae-Festival statt.

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