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Registration for masterclass “Art of the Song”

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Passive participation
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I want lessons in:
For participation with a (pre-existing) vocal ensemble, please contact or +420 606 222 416.
Price list — active participation
The prices include passive participation for both days.
Singing (Evelyn Tubb, Michael Fields):from 1600 Kč
Lute and other instruments (Michael Fields):from 900 Kč
Accredited course within the DVPP system:from 3900 Kč
 – The DVPP course consists of 24 lessons, from Friday to Sunday.
 – Requirement for obtaining the diploma is attendance of at least 75% of the lessons.
 – Includes admission to the concert, a solo lesson with one teacher and vocal ensembles with both.
I will attend the following sessions (please check as appropriate):

Singing — active participation
Price list — singing
One solo lesson (30 minutes) with Evelyn Tubb: 1600 Kč
30 minutes with Evelyn Tubb + 45 minutes with Michael Fields: 2200 Kč
Each additional lesson (30 minutes) with Evelyn Tubb: +1300 Kč
Each additional lesson (45 minutes) with Michael Fields: +1000 Kč
Lute and other instruments — active participation
Price list — lute and other instruments
Accompanist for a singer (no individual solo lesson): 100 Kč
First solo lesson with Michael Fields (45 minutes): 900 Kč
Each additional solo lesson (45 minutes): +800 Kč
The prices include passive participation for both days.
Other comments
Tickets for the teachers’ concert
I want tickets for the concert:
Price list — tickets for the teachers’ concert
Reduction for active participants:
 – on the first (most expensive) ticket: −50 %
 – on all subsequent tickets: −10 %
Full price: 400 Kč
Concession: 200 Kč
for children up to 15 years, students up to 26 years, senior
citizens 60 years or older, handicapped persons with ZTP card.
Concession against display of ID card for students of music: 90 Kč
 – e. g., musicology and music pedagogics, HAMU, JAMU, Conservatoire,
 – only at the door 10 minutes before the event if seats are free,
 – final price, no further discounts.
You will receive an e-mail with payment information (account number etc.) prior to the course.
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