Musical Delicacies

— Early Music Concert Series —

Woodcut: Château.

Pastimes with Baroque music

Charity concerts of Early Music, drawing from the treasures and history of the music collection of the archbishops, linking Baroque music with singing, dancing, poetry and other forms of selected courtly arts in an authentic performance with historical instruments.

The Archbishops’ château in Kremsier (Kroměříž) offers dignified and inspiring venues for the concerts: It is home to a large collection of music, paintings, etc.; together with its unique architecture and gardens, it appears on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A visit to the concerts can be combined with a tour of the château and a stroll through the Château Garden or the Flower Garden (Lust-Garten, Pleasure Garden) which is located 1100 m from the château.

Plaisirs de Musique (CZ) and its guests will present programes drawing on the rich links to Baroque culture. The ensemble, led by Jan Čižmář, has performed regularly in concerts throughout Europe since 2013.

The admission is 150 , or 100 (concession for children up to 15 years old, students up to 26, seniors 60 years or older, and handicapped persons with ZTP card or equivalent). Tickets are sold at the evening box office. The proceeds from the concerts are donated to the operation of music archive which houses the Archbishops’ music collection.

Fri 28 Jul 2017 19:00
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150 Kč / 100 Kč
Le Roi danse

Ballet and music from the courts of the Sun King Louis XIV and the Emperor Leopold I.

J.-B. Lully, A. Campra, J. Morel, M. Marais, A. Vivaldi, Emperor Leopold I (music) — L.–G. Pécour, R. A. Feuillet, J. Balon (choreography).

Marta Kratochvílová (traverso)
Magda Uhlířová (viola da gamba)
Jan Čižmář (theorbo, guitar)
Lenka Horalová (dance)

Fri 4 Aug 2017 19:00
Sala Terrena

150 Kč / 100 Kč
Le Jardin des Plaisirs

A drama of the forbidden love between an English lady and a French knight.

YouTube video.

Music, Poetry by English and French authors, Baroque gesture. The plot is set in 1697. See here

Laila Cathleen Neuman (soprano)
Jean-Sébastien Beauvais (countertenor)
Marta Kratochvílová (traverso)
Jan Čižmář (lute, narrator)
Marek Mokoš (staging)

Mon 21 Aug 2017 19:00

150 Kč / 100 Kč
From the Imperial music treasury

Musical gems of the 17th century from the Imperial Court in Vienna.

Emperor Leopold I, Emperor Joseph I, H. I. F. Biber, J. H. Schmelzer, G. Finger, G. Sanz, S. de Murcia.

Petr Wagner (viola da gamba)
Cristián Gutiérrez (guitar)
Jan Čižmář (lute, theorbo)
Throne Hall.
Plaisirs de Musique: Jan Čižmář, Marta Kratochvílová, Lenka Horalová, Martina Komínková, Petr Wagner.

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The concerts enjoy the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic Mgr. Daniel Herman. They take place in collaboration with the ensemble Plaisirs de Musique, the National Heritage Institute (administration of the Archbishops’ Château and the Kroměříž gardens) and the Czech National Trust.

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