Musical Delicacies

— Early Music Concert Series —

Christmas and Love

English renaissance madrigals and carols in untraditional arrangements.

Thursday 6 December 2018 19:00 — Bučovice château (The Long Hall), Zámek 1, 685 01 Bučovice, Czech Republic.

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OctOpus Vocalis:
instrumental ensemble (as guests):


To be announced.

About the programme

To be announced.

OctOpus Vocalis.
OctOpus Vocalis

OctOpus Vocalis

The ensemble OctOpus Vocalis consists of eight singers. The repertoire of the ensemble is not limited to any particular period or genre. Given the small number of singers, it often focuses on compositions from the Renaissance and Baroque or from the 20th and 21th centuries, but it also performs high-quality popular music and jazz.

Most of its members met for the first time in the children’s choir Kantiléna led by Ivan Sedláček. Since then, they have collaborated on many projects, be it in larger musical ensembles, chamber ensembles or as soloists. The idea to establish a chamber choir arose primarily from the desire to interpret interesting compositions from the national and international repertoires, together with the wish to experiment with compositions that were originally intended for a larger cast, yet in solo performances acquire some new dimensions and contexts.

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The concert enjoys the auspices of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, PhDr. Ilja Šmíd and the Governor of the South Moravian Region JUDr. Bohumil Šimek.

It takes place with financial support from the South Moravian Region and the town Bučovice.

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