Lesson blocks for dancers

The target audience comprises students of dance schools and dance professionals as well as amateurs interested in historical dance. Previous experiences with baroque dances are welcome, but is not a condition for participation. On the contrary, our dance master also welcomes the participants from the field of classical ballet. Also existing dance groups can participate.

We will focus on the detailed exploration of the baroque dance style la belle danse (France under Louis XIV). The main focus of the course is detailed work on a wide range of basic types of baroque dances in collaboration with musicians. A special feature of this course is the possibility to work individually with our French dance master. Unlike most other baroque dance courses, we will not focus on studying specific choreographies from period sources. Instead, the 3-hour unit of Ballet de cour will every day be devoted to another typical baroque dance form (minuet, courante, sarabande, gavotte, bourée, gigue, passepied). All accompanied by live music. Apart from this, the dancers can engage actively in the musical preparations (Pas à pas, Sous le bâton) or attend the individual dance masterclass. In the evenings we will discover the almost indefinite world of counterdances.

For more information, see the Lesson plan.