Recitar cantando
:   Martin Gester (FR)
Copperengraving: Claudio Monteverdi. This workshop focuses on the relationship between freedom and pulse: Senza battuta / Con la battuta della mano / la battuta del cuore. Intended for singers and continuo players (harpsichord, theorbo, harp) with a repertoire of early monody: Caccini, Monteverdi, Peri, Carissimi). Possibly also some vocal works of the late renaissance (Dowland), and excerpts from operas (Cavalli, etc.). Teaching form: To get most out of the lessons, we encourage you to bring your duo partner. If you come alone, please contact the organisers, we will try to match you up with someone. It is essential that you know your repertoire well, such that you can concentrate on “freedom without anarchy”.

2 lessons 60 minutes each — 1400 Kč V4 price,  2000 Kč full price. For Recitar cantando, we offer a reduction if you participate as ensemble (singer + accompanist). Please contact us for a concrete offer.