Medieval music
:   Maria Christina Cleary (IE/FR)
Fascination Middle Ages: This course gives insights into the fascinating world of medieval music, with a focus on the polyphonic, secular compositions. Starting from Spain (Codex las Huelgas, ca. 1300, Llivre Vermell de Montserrat, ca. 1399), a geographical-musical connection spans through France (Codex Chantilly, 1350–1400) and Italy (Codex Rossi, ca. 1350; Codex Mancini, ca. 1400; Codex Faenza, ca. 1420) to Cyprus (Codex Torino, ca. 1430). An incredible rhythmic complexity, which in the course of music history only is found in England around 1600 and in contemporary music, paired with beautiful cantilenas, yield a multifaceted picture of a musical world that is colorful in an unexpected and fascinating manner.

Composers such as Guillaume de Machaut, Jacopo da Bologna, Johannes Ciconia, Oswald von Wolkenstein and Guillaume Dufay left us with highly personal works with immense recognition value, which contributed significantly to social change in a time where the work was essentially more important than its creator. Canons, madrigals, ballatae, virelais, ballades and rondeaux are the central musical forms that will be in focus.

The course is open to all players of recorders, viols, lutes, harps and harpsichord.

3 lessons 60 minutes each — 1155 Kč V4 price,  1650 Kč full price.