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??????????????????: “Wahre Delineation der königlichen Stadt Brünn in Mähren” (Johann Christoph Laidig fecit, between 1701 and 1717)

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The lute in the music of Rajhrad monastery in the 18th century.

Wednesday 6 November 2020 19:00 — On-line concert, Brno, Czech Republic.

Due to the current epidemiological measures the public can only visit this concert on-line.
Voluntary admission (suggested 150 Kč / 90 Kč or 4.00 € / 2.25 €)



Ferdinand Ignaz Hinterleitner (1659 — 1710) Concerto VI, C major   (Lauthen Concert mit Violin, Bass und Lauten, Wien 1699)
Prelude — Ouverture — Allemande — Courante — Bourée — Minuete — Gavott — Menuet — Sarabande — Echo — Passacaille
Wenzel Ludwig von Radolt (1667 — 1716) Concerto II, G minor   (Die Aller Treüeste Freindin, Wien 1701)
Simphonia à discretione
Wenzel Ludwig von Radolt (1667 — 1716) Concerto III, G minor   (Die Aller Treüeste Freindin, Wien 1701)
Ouvertur — Allemande — Courente — Sarabande — Menuette — Gavotte — Menuette — Guigue — Bourée — Menuette
Wenzel Ludwig von Radolt (1667 — 1716) Toccata (Concerto VII), F major   (Die Aller Treüeste Freindin, Wien 1701)
A. V. E. (cca. 1700) [Suite F major]   (CZ-Nlobkowicz Lb&nbgsp;28)
33. Adagio — 34. [Gavotte] — 35. Gigue — 36. Menuet

About the programme

In this concert you will hear compositions from sheet music — lute tablatures — originating from the Rajhrad monastery. In the period around 1700, lute playing was apparently very popular in the monastery, as evidenced by the abundant inventory of sheet music for the lute, either solo or in chamber ensemble. Several important volumes have been preserved to this day. Particularly widespread were the printed editions of compositions for chamber ensemble with lute by Ferdinand Ignaz Hinterleithner (Vienna, 1699) and Wenzel Ludwig Freiherr von Radolt (Vienna, 1701).

Thank you

The concert takes place with financial support from the Statutory City of Brno.

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