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— Early Music Concert Series —

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Eureka! — È una nota d’oro!

— Chamber music around Prague’s “Count of the Lute”.

Why on-line?
Scene from the video. Click on the image to enlarge.
We originally planned to present this programme in a live concert. Unfortunately this is currently not possible. Instead, we offer at least the possibility to watch online a concert from Prague, which was broadcast live on YouTube on 17 Dec 2020 and will remain available for a limited time to a closed group of users.
Payment options
Payment is voluntary. However, it is important: If everybody gives even a small amount, we can continue organising concerts.
You can select one of these payment methods (we do not accept credit cards):
Payment method Recommended for payments from
Bank transfer in CZK Czech Republic
EUR EU’s Eurozone
Payment via PayPal countries outside the Eurozone
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Recommended prices
  • 90 CZK or 4.00 EUR or 4.75 USD per person (full price),
  • 50 CZK or 2.25 EUR or 2.75 USD concession (children up to 15 years, students up to 26 years, seniors 60 years or more, handicapped persons with disability card).
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